Seasonal Insights for Advertising on Pinterest

New year means new trends! And, what better place to discover new trends than on Pinterest? With over 250 million users, Pinterest has become a top destination for inspiration and product discovery. This blog post will help you put Pinterest to use for your brand by sharing key Pinterest Seasonal Insights for 2019.  But, first, we’ll cover off on some of the Pinterest basics, discussing the overall value that Pinterest offers for advertisers.

Pinterest & The Customer Journey

Pinterest helps advertisers reach people in every stage of their shopping experience, regardless of the seasons. It also takes things a step further by allowing brands to have insight into consumers’ future purchases. The below stats from Pinterest’s Seasonal Insights help showcase the platform’s value for marketing and advertising:

  • 97% of searches on Pinterest are unbranded, allowing brands to get in front of users early in the decision-making process.
  • 66% of pinners report making a purchase after seeing content from brands on Pinterest
  • 98% of Pinners report trying new things they find on Pinterest
  • 77% of weekly pinners have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest

Pinterest & Seasonality

Consumers are active on Pinterest year round, but activity ramps up around specific events throughout the year. The below chart is a helpful planning resource to strategically guide your advertising efforts around key events, holidays, or seasons.

Pinterest in 2019

This chart and Pinterest’s Seasonal Guide offers lots of interesting insights for advertisers who want to leverage increased activity around certain holidays, seasons, or key events. For example, based on these types of insights, a travel agency or travel miles credit card may opt to activate their Pinterest strategy from February thought August in order to capitalize on the summer travel trends and get ahead of competitors when bidding on popular searches.

Pinterest offers insights around Seasonal Moments and Life Moments. Seasonal moments consist of calendar, cultural, and seasonal holidays while Life Moments represent specific special occasions and life events often celebrated by individuals. We’ll explore both below.

Seasonal Moments

So, what are the top seasonal moments on Pinterest throughout the year?

In January, the most popular searches on Pinterest included “New Year’s Eve outfits,” “New Year’s resolution,” and “New Year’s quotes.” January is the prime time for advertisers with products or services that may inspire users to achieve their goals in the new year.

Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl are also very popular search terms on the platform early in the year. For the Super Bowl, terms like “Tailgate food,” football party,” and Game day food” were the leading searches for home gating parties. Top Valentine’s Day included terms like “Valentine’s Day cards” and “Valentine’s Day ideas for kids,” demonstrating that pinners aren’t just looking for ideas beyond celebrating relationships.

April is one of the biggest peak advertising moments on Pinterest. Over 256 million pins were saved last year in this category. Pinterest suggests thinking outside of the box for Easter as users are searching for Sunday recipe ideas, seasonal cocktails, and even grown-up Easter baskets.

In May and June, searches like “Mother’s Day crafts for kids,” “Mother’s Day cards,” and “Memorial Day food” dominate the platform. Pinterest encourages Pinners to combine your product with an experience. For instance, “share a macaroni class to test out her new mixer” or a “dinner date where she can wear her new necklace.”

July 4th begins the peak of summer related searches such as travel. Pinners rely heavily on the platform when planning their trips, which presents the opportunity to showcase summer vacation ideas and credit card deals. The food and beverage category also picks up in the summer as pinners are looking for BBQ recipes to spice up their summer (pun intended) and summer cocktail ideas.

September brings the big back to school push for advertisers to take advantage of savings for school supplies and college dorm necessities. And from there, it’s on to Halloween. Over 2 billion pins were saved in the month of October last year related to Halloween decorations, last minute Halloween costume ideas, etc. Pinterest suggests creating pins that demonstrate elevating Halloween costume ideas with tips and tricks.

The months of November and December are the biggest months for food, travel, shopping and holiday related searches. Given the nature of how busy this time of the year is, streamlining gifting, party and recipe ideas is the key to success.

Life Moments:

Wedding Season
Save the date! Over 4 billion searches related to wedding planning happened on Pinterest each year, indicating that there are tons of opportunities for brands to support the big day whether it’s bridal shower ideas, engagement photos, or even honeymoon planning.

New Home & Baby
Give pinners ideas of how they can fill their empty home with home décor inspiration or even help parents go big for baby’s first year with party planning ideas and activities.

Car Buying
Pinterest recommends utilizing the feature finder to make the car buying journey an interactive and shoppable experience. For example, “if people are searching for “off road trips,” target your new SUV into that and related search terms with custom content.

This category is gold for finance and travel related brands as over 1 million searches are saved under this topic. Help pinners live their best life by recommending retirement party decorations, new hobbies, and more!

The gifting category serves as an evergreen category on the platform as people are always searching for gifting ideas to celebrate life moments and holidays with their significant others, friends, and family. Brands can make an impact by making the gift buying process seamless, no matter the occasion.

If you haven’t worked Pinterest into your advertising plan, now is a good to start taking advantage of these actionable insights to make 2019 a successful year for your brand!

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