HSBC invested in the development of “Global Connections,” a custom web platform in Canada and the US to aid decision-makers to expand their business internationally. While the content featured on the site was both relevant and high quality, the website struggled to find an audience, resulting in few site visits and registrations.


To build awareness, drive site membership, get users engaged, it was necessary for the brand to reach potential new members on their terms and in places they already felt comfortable engaging.


M80 developed a strategy on LinkedIn, bringing business people together to discuss their ideas. The LinkedIn “Global Connections” group highlighted the website’s key attributes including original content, exclusive tools, event notifications, and videos, while sparking conversation among the group members and garnering direct feedback from its core demographic.


  • Over the past two years, the LinkedIn group has acquired 11,432 members and 14,426 registrations to the site.
  • The registrations have exceeded HSBC’s internal goal of 10,000 by 44.26%

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