Catalyst Works Alongside Gillette to “Go Ask Dad” This Father’s Day

It’s no surprise that people, particularly young adults, flock to the Internet to anonymously find solutions to their problems.  Whether it be an embarrassing personal hygiene question, or learning the proper way to tie a bow tie, people rely on the Internet for solutions more than ever. Enter: Gillette.

This year Gillette is attempting to stop this trend for the several days leading up to Father’s Day through a touching 2:36 min video. The video shows young men trying to learn how to fry an egg, how to ask a girl out, how to tie a tie, and of course – how to shave.  The young men’s efforts fail until their fathers step in to provide valuable advice and a few life lessons. The message is clear: instead of consulting the black hole that is the Internet, ask the person who knows you the best, your father. The video has reached nearly a million views in less than 24 hours. Enter: Catalyst.

As Gillette indicated in yesterday’s AdAge article, Search is a key piece to this campaign and initiative. From the early planning stages, Catalyst worked closely with the brand and creative agencies to leverage Search to reach those who may not be normally inclined to ask their Dads for advice. The search strategy and collaboration will allow the Gillette brand to be present at the key how-to moments and encourage searchers to “Go Ask Dad.”

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