CPG MARKETERS: Is Your Commerce Program Ready for Q4?

Make the most of Q4’s commerce boom by shoring up your performance marketing strategy. Check out Catalyst’s Q4 checklist for helpful reminders as you plan for year-end and build momentum for 2021.

Be Accessible, Helpful, & Nimble Across Key Ecommerce Platforms:

  • Optimize PDPs to elevate quality scores, using captivating images and insights from customer reviews and search trends
  • Monitor the competition and compare/adjust product pricing across different marketplaces in real-time
  • Tap into waves of shoppers who are using grocery delivery apps, like Instacart, (even if you aren’t a traditional grocery brand or have a product historically not well-suited for ecommerce). It’s not too late to seize the Instacart opportunity.

Prepare Your Website for Coming Changes & Maximize Your Value to Consumers Through Key Content Updates:

  • Ensure your SEO foundation is in place for 2021 initiatives, including on-page content and experience as well as technical SEO
  • Prepare for upcoming changes to the SERP including more features based off structured data mark-up, resulting in less clicks to site owners
  • Determine your plan for pandemic related website content post-COVID (don’t delete it!) as well as plans for new or updated content

Ensure Your Paid Search Campaigns are Well-Funded & Ready to Engage Shoppers:

  • Revisit paid search budget allocations to ensure you are adequately funded, especially during a particularly competitive Q4 with higher than usual CPCs and CPMs
  • Protect your brand presence by investing in fully funded branded campaigns to achieve 100% Share of Voice
  • Evaluate Google Shopping Ads if you sell DTC through your own website. Even if you don’t want to pay for Shopping Ads, ensure your feed is properly set up in the Merchant Center as organic inventory is now available for shopping listings
  • Explore co-funded Shopping Ads with retailers if you don’t sell DTC
  • Develop compelling ad copy encouraging purchase through discounts/deals messaging.
  • Use affiliate location extensions to show customers what local retailers they can purchase from.

Cast a Wider Net on Paid Social:

  • Incorporate Pinterest as part of your commerce strategy to reach consumers who are looking for inspiration and actively discovering new brands/products
  • Repurpose high-performing social creatives beyond social sites for relevant publishers
  • A/B test creative on Facebook, Instagram, and other social channels
  • Evaluate your influencer strategy. Are you able to scale? Can you identify the best performers vs the laggards?

Use Data to Drive Incremental Sales:

  • Leverage unique customer signals from retail partners including Amazon, Target, Walmart, Instacart, Shipt, and warehouse clubs to influence commerce strategies
  • Utilize Amazon 1P customer data to connect with consumers based on search, lifestyle and in-market data driving them to Amazon your channels OR your site directly
  • Analyze and activate based on location data to engaging grocery shoppers in real-time
  • Target TV viewers who are watching holiday programming like cooking/baking shows to remarket to them on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices to drive online purchases, in addition to finding incremental audiences yet to be exposed to your TV ads.
  • Connect with users who have specific apps on their phones – your brand app, competitors’ app, deal apps, gift apps, etc.
  • Use AI in programmatic bidding to leverage ROAS data, helping understand how behaviors differentiate between high and low value purchaser audiences and bid accordingly

2021 & Beyond:

  • Ensure holiday plans include carry-over allocation and budget for January
  • Employ a testing methodology to uncover new, untapped channels to fuel future growth

It’s not too late to optimize your Q4 marketing strategy and plan for a high-growth 2021. Contact your business development lead or info@catalystdigital.com to learn how.

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