Scott Julewitz

Scott Julewitz

Group Director Search & Social

Scott Julewitz is a Group Director of Search & Social at Catalyst with a broad background ranging from a worldwide hospitality company to a flash sales online retailer. Scott leverages this background to provide clients with actionable recommendations that span the entire online landscape and drive results. As a proud alumnus of Quinnipiac University Scott enjoys his time away from work informing people that Quinnipiac hasn’t lost a football game since 1929. He may sometimes forget to add that they have never had a football team.

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What We Expect From Google’s Store Visits Report

It’s been well over a year since Google launched its Store Visits Report — and the excitement has only grown. With the desire for more data to truly determine ROI for all marketing campaigns, especially digital, I see this report becoming a go-to metric for all companies with a large brick and mortar presence. What … Continue Reading

You’re Interviewing SEO’s Wrong

I’m looking at you tech people.  Most tech heavy SEO’s I have met ends up leaving interviews thinking a fully capable candidate cannot handle the technical side of SEO.  They do this because their interview questions were focused on the wrong areas.  In focusing on the wrong areas companies are missing out on great employees that can really … Continue Reading

Easy Wins for Your Website

When developing a keyword strategy for a website it’s easy to look at basic keyword research (search volume, competition and trends) and stop there. Unfortunately, when you just look at these basic factors, a lot of opportunity is missed. One great insight that is often overlooked is current site rankings. I’m not referring to traditional … Continue Reading

Why SEO Will Always Thrive

Most agency SEOs have two fantasies: Having all of our recommendations implemented. Having no technical issue arise on the site. Unfortunately, this scenario is extremely rare, so we are often left wondering what could have been.  Now I’m not saying you can’t break through those barriers and still grow traffic, in fact we do it … Continue Reading