Jennifer Kenyon

Jennifer Kenyon

Organic Search Director

Jennifer Kenyon is an Organic Search Director at Catalyst/GroupM and has over 10 years of experience in the Search Engine Marketing industry. Jennifer has worked with many Fortune 500 clients during the span of her career in a wide range of industries including CPG and Pharmaceutical in order to maximize their search performance and drive business results. Jennifer is currently a graduate student at Northwestern University in the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program.

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Connect with Consumers through Empathetic Marketing

Catalyst’s Jennifer Kenyon discusses how empathetic marketing can fuel your SEO efforts and drive long-lasting connections with consumers. I’m renovating my kitchen and bathroom, and I’ll be honest, my head is spinning. This is my first-time remodeling, so I have lots of questions as I navigate through overwhelming product and design decisions. As I research … Continue Reading

Catalyst’s Trailblazer Tuesday Presents: Hitwise

Every Tuesday Catalyst invites the best-of-the-best in digital marketing to present to our team. From search engines to social platforms, to industry-leading tools and partners, we open our doors to innovators, experts, and trailblazers and learn about their cutting-edge approaches and products. On Tuesday, February 6th, we invited Hitwise present to our team. Here’s what … Continue Reading

TechSEO Boost: “The State of Technical SEO” Recap

TechSEO Boost 2017 was kicked off by Russ Jones, Principal Search Scientist from Moz with his Keynote presentation “The State of Technical SEO.” Here we’ll recap this exciting session that started the event! The Definition of Technical SEO Jones started off by discussing the difficulty of an agreed upon definition of Technical SEO, as it … Continue Reading

TechSEO Boost: “AMPing Airbnb” Recap

We’re continuing our TechSEO Boost recap blog series with a summary of a very insightful presentation on AMP. Airbnb’s Brian Ta and Gil Birman took the stage at TechSEO Boost to deliver a five part presentation called “AMPing Airbnb.” They provided an overview of AMP and then addressed the technical challenges they faced when implementing … Continue Reading

Social Commerce – Combining Social Media and Shopping!

In our previously released eBook, e-Commerce SEO: Mastering the Art of Online Retail, we briefly discussed an emerging trend called Social Commerce. Social Commerce, also called S-Commerce or S-Ecommerce, can be defined as the trend of social platforms adding e-Commerce features in order to capitalize on an already engaged user base. Social commerce provides consumers … Continue Reading