Dan Cristo

Dan Cristo

Director of SEO Innovation

Dan Cristo is the Director of SEO Innovation for Catalyst Online. Dan is a New-Jersey-based industry veteran with over 10 years of experience leading SEO strategies for some of the world’s largest brands. A full-fledged geek, Dan takes programming, chess, and table tennis very seriously.

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SWSXi 2015: Trends & Highlights

Growing in popularity over the last three decades, South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) has now achieved legendary status as the interactive event of the year. Recognized globally for showcasing breakthrough technologies and innovative startups, SXSWi spurs discussion around forward facing topics such as the intelligent future, the evolution of media consumption, and tech-inspired cultural trends … Continue Reading

CES Through Glass

Attending my first CES (Consumer Electronics Show) was a treat, but what made it really special was seeing the show through the lens of Google Glass. I’ll tell you how I got my hands on a pair at the end, but first lets talk about CES using images and video taken from Glass. CES is … Continue Reading

Google Hummingbird Patent Watch

Google recent announced an update to its search engine called Hummingbird. The change was touted by Google as one of the largest changes ever made to its system, yet searchers hardly any impact on rankings. This was because Hummingbird wasn’t an algorithm change; rather it was an architecture change that lays the groundwork for many … Continue Reading

Ad-Heat Advertising Patent Watch

Google+ launched 2 years ago with much skepticism. Was it going to be the Facebook killer, or would it be another social fumble like Buzz or Wave? For the most part, people have accepted Google+ as a major social network – certainly in the top 3. And whenever you have a busy social network, the … Continue Reading

The Pebble Smart Watch, An Evolution In Mobile SEO

Smart watches are the latest entry into the growing category of Internet aware appliances and devices, joining other emerging smart-products like smart lights, net fridges, and smart TVs. The Verge has a fantastic review of the Pebble, the crowd sourced Kickstarter campaign that raised over 10 million dollars to produce an e-ink based smart watch. … Continue Reading