Catalyst Team

Catalyst Team

Catalyst is a leading search marketing agency. We are the search marketing agency of record for many Fortune 1000 companies, including some of the largest and most recognized brands in the world. We work with clients across a wide range of verticals. With a 90%+ retention rate, many of our clients have been with us for years and commend our strategic approach to their digital marketing.

What makes Catalyst different is INNOVATION. Plain and simple, our innovative thinking drives more value, results and ROI for your business. From our approach, staff, technology and more, innovation is in our DNA. The search industry is changing rapidly, and the landscape is getting more competitive than ever. As a result, executing an innovative search strategy is now essential to maximizing your digital marketing success.

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Internet Marketing News November 2014 Recap

It’s December! Here is an overview of the top internet marketing news stories of November 2014. Google Google redesigned Maps to align with Android Lollipop’s design. Google Maps now includes Uber and OpenTable, and provides price estimates. Google has redesigned their search app for Androids running Lollipop OS. The new search app includes new events … Continue Reading

Local Marketing Insights from allLocal’s Sara Garrison

Welcome to the latest installment of Catalyst’s Digital Tech Innovation Series, in which we interview the technology movers and shakers in the digital marketing industry. Today’s interview is with Sara Garrison, Director Local Enterprise at Position Technologies, Inc., producers of the allLocal marketing platform. Sara serves a dual role of overseeing direct client and agency business at … Continue Reading

Pinterest: The Social Search Goldmine

Search marketers have always understood and appreciated the incredible ranking power behind social media properties. Sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter always had an impressive ability to rank highly in Google for extremely competitive terms due to their strong domain authority. ... Continue Reading

Internet Marketing News October 2014 Recap

Happy November! Here is an overview of the top internet marketing news stories of October 2014. Google Google Dynamic Remarketing Ads, which rolled out to retailers in June, is now available for all advertisers. Google has expanded the “In The News” box to include more sites than solely traditional news portals. Most notably, Reddit seems … Continue Reading

9 SEO Tips For a More Successful Site Migration

Site migrations are one of the scariest and most burdensome tasks for anyone to undertake, whether you’re a developer, SEO, advertiser, or site owner. It goes without saying that almost every migration is going to have its hiccups. Below, I’ve outlined nine SEO tips below that will hopefully save you time and prevent potential headaches. … Continue Reading