Catalyst Team

Catalyst Team

Catalyst is a leading search marketing agency. We are the search marketing agency of record for many Fortune 1000 companies, including some of the largest and most recognized brands in the world. We work with clients across a wide range of verticals. With a 90%+ retention rate, many of our clients have been with us for years and commend our strategic approach to their digital marketing. What makes Catalyst different is INNOVATION. Plain and simple, our innovative thinking drives more value, results and ROI for your business. From our approach, staff, technology and more, innovation is in our DNA. The search industry is changing rapidly, and the landscape is getting more competitive than ever. As a result, executing an innovative search strategy is now essential to maximizing your digital marketing success.

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Pinterest Pointers: What to Know Before Getting Started

With 175 million active users and two billion on-site searches per month, Pinterest is a force to be reckoned with. It’s strengthening its search functionality and advancing its advertising capabilities. Pinterest presents significant opportunities for brands of all shapes and sizes to drive awareness and sales. In fact, 55 percent of users shop for new … Continue Reading

1+1=3: Catalyst and Bing’s Webinar Poll Results & Recording

Big things happen when you align your search marketing and TV campaigns. Stronger ROI, better engagement, more conversions, increased search volume, to name just a few. But, during our recent “1+1=3: Using Search to Amplify TV” webinar, Catalyst and Bing uncovered that many brands are missing out on this integration opportunity. During the webinar, we … Continue Reading

Catalyst Shortlisted in Bing Agency Awards!

Award season is here and we’re off to an exciting start! Bing recently announced the finalists for their annual Agency Awards and Catalyst has been shortlisted in numerous categories. Catalyst Canada has been named a finalist for Partner of the Year, which recognizes and awards agencies who work in true partnership with Bing Ads. Catalyst’s … Continue Reading

The New 1+1=3: Using Search Marketing to Amplify TV Buys [WEBINAR]

Search Marketing Strengthens TV Campaigns The concept of a “channel” is rapidly becoming obsolete. Consumers simply want to consume content they want, when they want it, and on whatever device they choose. As marketing budgets shift from traditional to digital, finding ways to amplify and extend traditional TV with search can make the difference in … Continue Reading

ROI Revolution: Highlights & Webinar Recording

Are you still counting Likes and Followers? Feel like the more effort you put into social media, the less you get out? If so, you are hardly alone. Many marketers are frustrated with the lack of ROI from their social campaigns. But the truth is, social media can really pay off – if done correctly. … Continue Reading

Diversity in Digital

Diversity in digital marketing is a powerful force that can drive your brand, agency, or career forward by combining perspectives and ideas from a reservoir of diverse experiences that you cannot realize or understand on your own. And, in our increasingly interconnected world, it’s a requirement for stronger problem solving, greater creative thinking, and better … Continue Reading

Mobile First Index: Google Says Wait Until 2018

Last fall at his keynote at Pubcon, Gary Illyes sent the SEO world into a frenzy when he announced that Google would be launching a mobile first index and begin maintaining a secondary desktop index. Eight months later we’re still no closer to that mobile first index launching. This week at SMX Advanced Illyes said that it will now … Continue Reading

Age of Amazon Webinar: Highlights & Poll Results

More and more experts are saying it’s time to treat Amazon like what it is: a search engine. And, we couldn’t agree more. Last week Catalyst hosted the webinar “The Age of Amazon” to explore this topic further and help brands advance their search marketing strategies on Amazon. Here’s what you missed: Amazon is a … Continue Reading

Google Site Search POV

What is Google Site Search? Google Site Search is a Google product that allows brands and advertisers to apply Google’s search technology to their own sites. It acts as a search engine for an advertiser or publisher’s website content, but without any Google branding, ads, or links away from the site. Features include options for … Continue Reading

Lauren de Vlaming Appointed Co-Chair of 4A’s Social Media Committee

Catalyst is proud to announce that our Social Group Director, Lauren de Vlaming, has recently been appointed as co-chair of the 4A’s Social Media Committee. Congratulations, Lauren! More on the 4A’s and its Social Media Committee The 4A’s was founded in 1917 as a national trade association to represent U.S. advertising agencies. Today, it’s an … Continue Reading

Catalyst Google Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) POV

What are Google Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs)? Google’s Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) use the content of an advertiser’s website to help better target the advertiser’s paid search ads. These ads automatically generate ad headlines based on a user’s search query and the advertiser’s website content. When a Google user searches a term that closely aligns … Continue Reading