Andrew Ruegger

Andrew Ruegger

Partner, Director of Strategy & Insights

Originally from Topsfield MA, Andrew Graduated Villanova University with Bachelor degrees in Psychology, Cognitive Science and Pre-med. Currently at Catalyst, Andrew is an Organic Search Manager and self-proclaimed “Master of Web Presence,” specializing in organic search and digital marketing. Prior to Catalyst, he worked as a consultant for multiple local business and then as a web strategist for Schneider Electric in North Andover MA. In his spare time he enjoys participating in ribbon gymnastics and visiting finger painting expos.

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Spanglish Is the New Language in Search

Hispanic markets are big and are about to become even bigger. Get used to it. Technology adoption between the younger Hispanics is the highest amongst different demographics. In their recent article, Google notes that Latinos are ahead of the curve when it comes to digital. Does your brand want to reach out to them? Do … Continue Reading

The Value of Social Media in Organic Search

As the number of digital marketing channels continues to expand at an exponential rate, big brands are often left with tough decisions about where the best places are to spread their messaging and spend their budget.  Due to the massive user bases, it’s difficult to look past the marketing potential of the established and rapidly … Continue Reading

How to: The Keyword Planner for SEO

Have no Fear, The Google Keyword Planner is Here! As of late July, 2013 Google has officially removed the AdWords Traffic Estimator tool from its selection of AdWords utensils. Don’t panic, the Traffic Estimator didn’t completely disappear it has just been rolled up into a new tool, the Keyword Planner. The Keyword Planner tool is … Continue Reading

Bringing Search to Twitter in a Targeted Way

Twitter now allows brands to reach consumers in a big way, by using keyword targeting. This enhancement to promoted (paid) tweets gives advertisers the ability to show ads to Twitter users based on their tweets, or their interactions with a tweet, based on certain keywords and keyphrases. The process is somewhat similar to paid search … Continue Reading

Combating the Google Analytics (Not Provided) Panic

There has been a lot of chatter about Google’s move to enable SSL search (and therefore, search encryption) across its services, which started in October 2011. This essentially hides the search sources of its registered users who are signed into their Google accounts and therefore, does not show the organic keyphrase anymore. According to Google, … Continue Reading