Reserve Your Copy of the Upcoming Catalyst-Forrester Whitepaper

Catalyst has partnered with Forrester in the publication of a new, upcoming whitepaper, Smarter Media Strategies – Effectively Aligning Media Budgets with Consumer Behavior. The research provides new insights on the alignment of media budgets with consumer behavior for greater ROI. Complete the form on this page to automatically receive the whitepaper upon its release.

Forrester Research shows that in 2016 only 30% of all ad spend is allocated to digital programs, with only 45% of that spend going to Search Marketing. This means that less than 15% of overall media budgets is spent on Search. The nature of Search Marketing has shifted from reaching customers in isolation through a singular channel (traditional search engines) to serving as an amplifier of discovery across all platforms, media, and outlets that consumers find.

Companies should pay attention to this shift and reconsider the role and value of Search in their marketing mix to ensure that they are allocating sufficient budget to be discoverable to consumers in meaningful ways across channels.

Submit the form to receive the new Catalyst-Forrester whitepaper upon its publication.

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