1+1=3: Catalyst and Bing’s Webinar Poll Results & Recording

Big things happen when you align your search marketing and TV campaigns. Stronger ROI, better engagement, more conversions, increased search volume, to name just a few. But, during our recent “1+1=3: Using Search to Amplify TV” webinar, Catalyst and Bing uncovered that many brands are missing out on this integration opportunity.

During the webinar, we polled attendees and asked if their brands were currently integrating search and TV. Twenty five percent of respondents said they were integrating and aligning their search marketing and TV campaigns, but a whopping 50% said they were not yet doing so.

Search Marketing & TV Integration

If you’re like these respondents and are not yet reaping the benefits of search and TV integration, watch our webinar recording to get a crash course in search and TV integration. You’ll learn more about search’s role in the consumer journey and how search is uniquely positioned to amplify your TV campaigns, while driving your overall marketing ROI. From increased traffic to stronger share of voice to better creative and lower CPCs, you’ll discover what’s possible when you break down the silos between these two marketing channels. And, we’ll talk you through the four below tips to help you get started integrating search marketing and TV to drive better business results

Activate Search & TV Integration

View the 1+1=3 webinar recording.

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